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The period drama LOUIS VAN BEETHOVEN will be released 2020 for the 250th anniversary of the legendary composer. Peter plays his troubled nephew Karl van Beethoven.

The official cast album and the DVD of JACOB & WILHELM are now available.

In the new sitcom STRAIGHT UP BERLIN Peter stars as the male lead Lukas Heinzberg.


Together with his two Co-Stars Riccardo Greco & Anais Lueken, Peter released a bonus track to the cast album of GHOST.

HERE RIGHT NOW (Unplugged)    • iTunes     • CD Baby

Starting in September Peter will star as the charismatic and beloved Corny Collins in HAIRSPRAY.

He originated the role of Carl Bruner in the german speaking premiere of GHOST - The Musical. The official cast album is worldwide available

GHOST - DAS MUSICAL     • iTunes     • Amazon 

In July, Lewys Preston took his final bow as Gabey in Bernstein's ON THE TOWN.

In January 2016 he originated the role of Rachmaninoff in the European premiere of Dave Malloy's PRÉLUDES.


In October Peter starred in the world premiere of IN 80 DAYS AROUND THE WORLD at the state theatre in Linz, where he originated the roles of Brickass and Florestan.

In 2015, after years of writing music, he released his long-awaited debut album REACHING FOR HEAVEN.

Get it now on iTunes, Amazon or a limited physical copy at the SoundOfMusic Shop.

REACHING FOR HEAVEN     • iTunes     • Amazon